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About Tabago pipemaker


Pipemaker & webmaster: Baard Hansen


    Mail address: 

Visit the workshop: 


Tabago pipemaker,
PO Box 18, Birkebeinersenteret, N-5831 Bergen

My workshop is situated at Bryggen in the centre of Bergen ->

Phone: +47 41 02 08 80
VAT No.: NO 981 967 550 MVA
Bank Account no.: 9235.16.78250

        Visit my workshop at Bryggen in Bergen



      Where can you buy my pipes?

You can buy my pipes directly from this site, see the pipes.

Visit the workshop in Bergen.
Open on Thursdays between 12 - 18.
If you are in town other days, call first to make sure I am there.

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  These tobacconists stock my pipes:    


Sol Cigar Co A/S, Oslo 
Henrik Ibsens gate 28 (Next to the American embassy) 
ph. +47 22 44 13 47
(Status Mars 2016: 1 pipe left in stock)
Visit Sol Cigar here  


Flipper Frukt og Tobakk AS, Vindern 
0319 Oslo
ph. +47 22 14 24 21
(Status Mars 2016: 2 pipes left in stock)


Sørensen International AS, Bergen 
Torgalmenningen 8 Galleriet ,
5014 Bergen
(Galleriet on Torgallmenningen)
ph. +47 53 50 00 79
(Status Mars 2016: 0 pipe left in stock)


                         Tabago pipemaker

Tabago, the name that the North-American Indians used for its smoking device, was used by the Spaniards as the name for the plant later known as the tobacco plant - probably by mistake. 

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My pipe studio and  methods are based on a long tradition originating in Lillehammer, Norway. It is here I have received inspiration and training enabling me to offer you a part of that tradition. At the same time I incorporate a design compatible with our time.


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