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1 of 3 pipes on this page                                                            Pipe no. 7164: For pirates & admirals:

Experience the feel of the 16th century clay-pipe
in a briar-edition, without burning your fingers
like the sailors then often did,
due to the nature of the clay.

Total length: 5.7'' / 14.7ber:
- depth: 1.1'' / 2.8 cm
- diameter: 0.7'' / 1.7 cm 
SOLD                                                                      Color: Dark flames
Weight: 32 grams / 1.1 oz
The pipe sits stabil on a table.

 Euro 196 / US$ 270

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2 of 3 pipes on this page                                                                                                        Pipe no. 7165

Total length: 5.8'' / 14.7 cm
 Tobacco chamber:
- depth: 1.1'' / 2.7 cm
- diameter: 0.7'' / 1.8 cm 
Color: Dark flames
Weight: 30 grams / 1.1 oz
The pipe sits stabil on a table.


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of 3 pipes on this page                                                                                                        Pipe no.  9092

Claypipes were inexpensive
and did not have a long lifespan.
 With proper use and care,
this one can last
you a lifetime,
Sterling silver
and black finish.

Total length: 6.4''
Tobacco chamber:
-diameter:  0.7''
-depth: 1.6''
Color: matt black

EURO 173 / US$230