Virginia This tobacco orginates from Virginia, but is cultivated many places in the world. It has big leaves and the finished tobacco has often a distinct yellow colour. The different treatments the leaves get, means that the taste is varied. In general the taste is rich and sweet.   
  Burley The leaves from this plant are narrower than those from the virginiaplant and hava a more reddish colour. Their dry character and neutral flavour make them good  for blends.   
  Perique Perique is grown in humid places and matured with a secret recipe of fruit juices which results in moist leaves almost completely black in colour. Perique has a distinct flavour and is used in blends.   
  Latakia Latakia is made from Nicotiana Persica, the smallest tobacco plant mainly cultivated in Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus. They are treated with the smoke from a type of Asian oak. This ensures the Latakia its distinct smoked  and spicy flavour and black colour.   
  Cavendish Tobacco processed with a sweetening agent like sugar water, honey or rum. This gives the tobacco a mahogany colour and a very sweet flavour. Can be used in blends or smoked as it is.  
  Turkish Collective term for a number of tobaccos from Greece and other countries bordering the Black Sea. It has generally a strong flavour and thus used in blends.  
  Aromatic Tobacco with additives to enhance or change the final flavour; chocolate, honey, rum, cherry, apple, banana, coffee, liqueur and others.  
  Flake cut The tobacco leaves have been pressed into blocks which are then cut into thin slices. When filling the pipe, make sure the end surfaces are turned up. In this way they will burn like "fuses".   
  Cut plug This cutting is initially made as flake cut, then rubbed.  
  Spun cut This way of cutting is made from long tobacco strings spunned into a "rope" which is then sliced. This method ensures a uniform blend in every part of the tobacco. The pipe should be filled with the end surfaces turned vertically.  
  Granulated The tobacco is cut into small cubes ensuring a mild flavor.  
  See pipes made in Norway

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