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  "The illustrated History 
of The Pipe»
Stunningly beautiful pictures and informative reading can be found in this French book. Highly recommended.
Authors: Liebaert, Alexis and Maya, Alain (London 1994)
ISBN 1 872457 20 7
  «A complete Guide 
to Collecting Antique Pipes»
Informative book for collectors on pipes before the briar pipe became popular. 
I would have liked more color pictures of those beautiful meerschaum pipes. 
Author: Rapaport, Benjamin (USA 1998)
ISBN 0 7643 0596 4

  «Collecting Antique Meerschaums: Miniature to Majestic Sculpture, 1850-1925 This book has - according to the author - good quality pictures of meerschaum pipes. 
Author: Rapaport, Benjamin (USA 1999)
  «The Ultimate Pipe Book» The British "bible"of pipe smoking is good reading, but the quality
of the black & white pictures varies. 
Author: Hacker, Richard Carleton (London 1995)
ISBN 0 233 98968 4
  «Plant intoxicants» A thorough study of use and abuse of everything from koka-leaves to chocolate.
An interesting read from the perspective and knowledge of that time on different "additives" people feel the need for.
Author: Von Bibra, Baron Ernst (Nurenberg 1855) 
ISBN 8-89281-498-5
  «Pfeifen- Die Pfeifenmacher
 der Welt: Marken & modelle»
Picture book which presents most contemporary pipe makers 
in alphabetical order. German version.
Author: Rutzen, Rolf Joachim (Munchen 1999) 
ISBN 3 453 14925 4
   LINKS:   Includes a good guide to briar - the ultimate pipe material.  
  Comprehensive resource site with clubs, pipemakers & more.  
   Nordic smoker's guild Nordic pipe club based in Copenhagen.  
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